I like to roll up my sleeves!

Being a global citizen makes me internationally oriented. In my work I combine the warmth and smiles of Africa (being born and bred in Southern Africa) with the Dutch sobriety and discipline. I am enthusiastic, spontaneous, extravert, trustworthy and authentic. I am also driven, goal and results oriented, with a large feeling of responsibility and work ethic: will not stop till the job is done.

I am a personal assistant pur sang, an expert in my field. Changing chaos into order, keeping the wind out of your hair, taking care of business – that’s what makes me happy. Putting the pieces together, planning, improvising and anticipating in an open atmosphere, in good spirits – I see it all as a great challenge. Flexibility, representative, service-minded – all go without saying. I am not easily overawed and remain calm while all around me is chaos. I like to be inspired and to be inspiring.